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Messenger App - Download for Android, PC Windows and Mac iOS

Facebook is the most famous of all the social networking sites. With the increase in popularity of Facebook, one more thing promptly kept on increasing the Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service integrated with Facebook and popularly known as Messenger. This software provides text and voice conversation between its users. Initially, Messenger was released on 9th August 2011. Messenger has been launched for all operating system including iOS and Mac.

The Facebook Messenger was done compulsory by the developers for chatting via Facebook in 2014. To draw more users to its circle, a lighter version of Facebook Messenger which is about 10mb in size was developed. It's slightly down version of the original Messenger App and it doesn't have the feature of voice calling, video calling, and notification sounds thus reducing the file size.

Messenger App Download

Messenger App  Download for Android, iOS and iPhone/iPad:

The lite version has the basic feature of chat, stickers, image sharing and is suitable for the users who use 2g or slow internet connection. The countries where internet connection is not so fast lite version of the messenger is the best alternate for the messenger. Facebook Messenger APK have reached over 1 billion of active users within a month. The Android and iOS version of Facebook Messenger was launched in August 2011. After 11 updated version of the messenger app, messenger the app was released for the blackberry version. In April 2014, the messaging feature was removed from Facebook app and users were forced to use MESSENGER for the chatting purpose.

The USA user Messenger app has the advantage of sending money to their friends by the use of messenger app. Last year, during 27th April video calling facility in the Facebook Messenger app, was launched. The US member of the messenger app also gets the feature of handling the app as for business purpose and also for the booking of cars from the Uber. In April 2016, Facebook introduced group calling facility through the Messenger app. This feature helps the user to make group calling through the app for free.

Messenger App Features and Utility:

The Facebook Messenger is not only an instant messaging app anymore. It has added a lot of features and benefits since split from the social networking flagship. Currently, Messenger has over 600 million users worldwide. There is always a scope of change in this modern innovation and technology cited world. Let's have a look into the important and unique features of the recently upgraded Download Messenger app. The following are the additional features of the Messenger app:

The following are the additional features of the Messenger app:

  • Game and more

The previous version of the Messenger app supported in it the emoticon, gifs and meme generator. But the recently updated version supports in-app game live the doodle draw game among its users. With adding this feature, Messenger joins the list of chat app we chat, line and Viber which supports the in-app game.

  • Messenger for desktop

Now you can directly switch into your Messenger app through the desktop version of the app without going to the Facebook site. This app gives the access to the users messages without being distracted by the original full sites. The desktop version is similar to the mobile version of the Messenger but it comes with a two column layout. The user can find the list of conversation on one side and contact list on the other side. The desktop version includes resting all the feature of the mobile Messenger app.

  • Location sharing

Firstly Facebook introduced the location sharing facility as default, user .it used to show the location of the user till turned off. But the Messenger app contains the optional sharing of the location of the user.To share the location of one's user have to tap the location icon or choose the location feature from the more options given.

  • Video chat

When texting and voice calls are not enough, Messenger provides for its user the option of the video call. This feature of video call was added to the messenger service during April and can be done from anywhere using the app. Calls are free but data is incurred and can cost a sum of money if you are not connected to the internet. The blue icon on the right side of messenger shows the video call option if the icon shows in grey then at that moment user can't be reached through a video call.

  • Mute notification

To stop the conversation from disturbing and bothering you there is an excellent option available to the user. The user of Messenger can use the option of mute notification, though messages will be received you will not get notifications about it and it won't is disturbing. Just select the name of the user whose conversation you want to mute and select the time from 15mins to indefinite time.

  • Imported contact deletion

Facebook used to import contacts from the contact list of your device to use for future reference and used it saved to the Facebook server. With the Messenger app feature, you can delete the imported contact saved on your Facebook.

These are the main unique features of Facebook Messenger which its provide to the user. There are quite a lot to unlock it and know it.

 How to Install Messenger Apk:

Facebook Messenger app can be directly downloaded from Google play store or any operating system market. But if you are to install it from any third party source or unofficial Android market, you have to follow few simple steps to install the messenger app. The steps of installation are as follows:

  • Firstly, check whether your device allows installation from unknown sources. If not then click on the settings on the device and go to the security option and allow the installation from unknown sources from there.
  • Browse through the various website to download the Messenger apk download to your device. It is recommended to select a trusted website and Android market for downloading the apk .
  • After downloading the apk, click on the apk file to install it to your device. As you have already allowed the installation from unknown sources, the installation process will start on the go.
  • After the successful installation of the Messenger apk on your device. An icon of the Facebook Messenger app will appear on the home screen of your device.
  • Now, just open the app and enjoy the fun filled chatting experience.

These were the steps related to the installation of the Messenger apk.

 Conclusion For Messenger App:

With the growing users of Android and Facebook, Messenger app users will definitely get a hike. This is the best app to be connected to your contacts of Facebook. And with the growing technology each day there will be unique features in the Facebook Messenger app in future. Then just enjoy the world of seamless chatting with your near and dear ones on the Facebook networking site.